Literacy Support

SJAM offers a free, 10-week Literacy Class every Wednesday after school. This course is taught by two English teachers from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. They have materials directly related to the Grade 10 OSSLT and help students prepare for this test. In November, SJAM runs a Read to Succeed campaign. Everyday the whole school stops and for 15 minutes reads. The students are encouraged to read in any language, any genre, and any medium.

At the beginning of semester 2, students writing the OSSLT are given an opportunity to write a practice OSSLT in a simulated test setting. The tests are then marked by a marking team and the results are returned to the students in time for them to make any adjustments. After results are returned to the school, the results are passed onto the students in hard copy. Unsuccessful students are contacted by the Literacy Lead to discuss and develop with the student his/her next steps.

Mr. Narancic
Mrs. Collier
Ms. Mitchell
Ms. Watt