Take the Remembrance challenge

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

How Will You Remember?

Make remembrance more than something you feel. Make it something you do.

Share It. Tag It. Link It.

This Veterans’ Week, take the Remembrance challenge.

It’s simple. Use the videos and images available on the Veterans’ Affairs website to create a mashup, a virtual scrapbook, a fan page or decorate your space. The options are endless.

Why Remember?

Canada’s service men and women have served this nation from the First World War to current missions. They step forward in our time of greatest need — because they believe in peace and security around the world. They have left their villages and cities, their farms and fishing communities, to make a difference. And they did. And today’s service men and women are carrying on the tradition.

Share it

Once you have made your remembrance creation, share it with your friends and others. You decide how:

Tag it

Don’t forget to tag it. Tags are short words that describe what your online creation is all about. This will also help friends and others find what you have made. You decide. Make your own or use the tags from the poppy word-cloud.

Link it